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Welcome to River Road Church, Baptist!

River Road Church, Baptist has provided a distinctive church home for both families and individuals from a variety of faith backgrounds since 1946. Through engaging worship experiences and hearty fellowship, River Road Church, Baptist is able to provide its congregation opportunities for service and spiritual growth.

In keeping with the historic, authentic Baptist tradition, we value the freedom and responsibility of all believers to work out their personal salvation. We at River Road Church, Baptist encourage an informed faith among a congregation that strives to help one another on that journey.

River Road Church, Baptist members are unique. No two members are exactly alike, but we compliment each other and come together to create something special. We invite you to visit us this week so that you can experience our congregation’s unique bond. You may very well find you fit perfectly at River Road Church, Baptist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's with this Comma-Baptist?

Yes, our name is River Road Church, Baptist. We chose that name carefully more than 70 years ago. From the time of our founding, our church has been committed to being ecumenical in spirit—in other words, no matter your church background or tradition, you’re welcome here! In fact, many of our members (and a few of our staff) are from traditions other than Baptist. So, while we are Baptist in our organization and polity, we recognize that we are first and foremost a church of Jesus Christ.

When is the worship service?

Sunday Worship begins at 11:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Learn more about our Sunday services here.

We also offer a number of special services throughout the year. Click here to learn about any upcoming special services.

How do folks dress for worship at River Road?

Many folks dress in what might be called “business attire,” though you’ll find us in a variety of dress—some men wear coats and ties, while others sport a golf shirt and khakis. Many women wear dresses, while others are comfortable in slacks. The point is this—you are welcome no matter how you are dressed.

Where should I park?

There are two parking lot options at River Road Church. You may park in the North parking lot located on Ridge Road (behind the church) or you may park in the South parking lot (in front of the church) across the street, located on River Road. Directions and a map can be found here.

Where do my children go?

Sunday School classes are age-graded, beginning with infants through fifth grade. All classrooms are in the Preschool/Elementary suite. To help you locate this suite, click here to view our floor plan.

Sunday School is from 9:45-10:45 a.m. All preschoolers remain in their Sunday School classrooms during the 11:00 a.m. worship service for Worship Care.

First and second graders may attend the first portion of the 11:00 a.m. worship service in the Sanctuary. Before the second portion of the worship service begins, first and second graders will be prompted to go to the Chapel for Children’s Church.

Third through fifth grade children may attend the 11:00 a.m. worship service in the Sanctuary with their families.

Do you have a campus map?

Yes! Please find a current copy of our campus map here.

What is the worship style at River Road Church?

God is both holy and personal. To capture these in our services worship is both formal and welcoming. We often describe our worship service as “gracious dignity.” Find out more about our worship here.

Is Communion offered?

Yes, our congregation celebrates Communion on the first Sunday of each month during the 11:00 a.m. service. The Communion table at River road is not restricted in any manner, for all who believe in Christ are welcome.

Am I expected to put money in the offering?

You are welcome to give if you’d like, but our members know it is their responsibility to support our church’s ministries Your joining us in worship is your gift to us.

Is there a reception after the service?

Yes, most every Sunday we hold a reception in the Fellowship Hall. This reception immediately follows our 11 a.m. Sunday morning worship service. Members and guests are invited and encouraged to attend this wonderful time of fellowship.

I have hearing problems. Is there any special assistance for me?

Yes! For those who are hearing impaired, River Road Church has special hearing devices that allow you to control the volume to your comfort level. If you think this would be beneficial to you, please pick one up from a Greeter in the Narthex.