Church Hill Christmas Wish Gifts & Drop Off
Sundays, November 12 & 19, 2023, 9AM-1PM, 4-7PM
November 13-17, 2023, 9AM-5PM
Drop Off in YA #175

The 2023 Christmas Wish (formerly Christmas Stores) project is underway and RRCB is sponsoring 40 children at the Church Hill Wellness CenterEach child will receive one large toy/gift, one small toy/gift, and one clothing option. The combined cost of these gifts should be around $50-$75 (or at your discretion). The Center, this year, has allowed those children who wish, to request a bike for their large toy. Please contact Donna Bower or Letty Wood with any questions.

Sign Up Genius List

Sign Up and Drop Off Details

When you go to Sign Up Genius (when available) you will see info on each child with age, size and preferences of colors, clothing and preferences of toys. You can choose to sign up for all three items for a child or if you prefer, select items for different children.

Individuals, families, Sunday School Classes, or other church groups are encouraged to sign up as early as possible to ensure that all children are sponsored and to ensure that you will have adequate time to shop, especially if you are ordering online and requiring delivery.

Please do not wrap gifts but place them, separately, by child, in a bag, clearly marked with the child’s ID, which is two initials followed by a number, example: LJ#1.

Drop off dates are Sundays, November 12 and 19, 9AM-1PM or 4PM-7PM, or during the week, November 13-17, 9AM-5PM during office hours. The donation drop off location is in YA #175 in the Youth Area. YA #175 is accessible from the hallway adjacent to the Fellowship Hall elevator and Ridge Road entrance. Please note: if you are dropping off during the Sunday School hour, please be mindful of the youth Sunday school class meeting in the main youth area. If you are dropping off during office hours, please park and enter at the Ridge Road door—ring the buzzer at that door to gain access to the building.

Questions can be directed to either Donna Bower or Letty Wood. If other arrangements need to be made for drop off, please also call Donna or Letty. All gifts must be delivered to the Church Hill Wellness Center by November 30.