Some thoughts from our youth and adult chaperones about our spring retreat May 2-4 at the YMCA Camp at Silver Beach:

100_7863What was important about the weekend

  • Being with the people I love and having some time to myself to really think about everything
  • Everyone needs a time to relax and take a rest from school, tests, drama, parents, and other things. God taught me that everyone needs it.
  • Encouragement cards/warm fuzzies are meaningful because they bring up our spirits and our self esteem.
  • Group hugs are nice.
  • The friendships I made with the adults and youth
  • ???????????????????????????????Resting
  • A quiet place
  • Encouragement cards/warm fuzzies made me feel good because I made others feel good and because I feel really loved
  • Being able to relax and be myself. Throughout the weekend, I had literally no worries.
  • When Zach got out of the boat on the sand bar and declared a dance party in the middle of the ocean
  • Taking time with the Lord is always meaningful and I love every time I get a breather from troubles and spending quality time, talking and praying to God.
  • Spending quality time with my best friends
  • Getting to know some fine young people (adult)
  • To have moments of prayerful silence

???????????????????????????????What you want the church to know about the spring retreat

  • I got peace, love, comfort, and serenity and I hope I can go on the next trip with the youth
  • I learned more about my friends
  • The youth who were on the retreat were so confident and remarkably mature in their faith (adult)
  • How seriously the youth took the retreat – it really has not been only about the fun. They really did take the effort to heart (adult)
  • ???????????????????????????????I got to connect with people more this weekend
  • The high school girls had a really meaningful time talking about stress and how to relax
  • The retreat was even more meaningful and spiritually cleansing for me than I ever dreamed. I can only imagine how much it impacted the youth (adult)
  • Even though this retreat has many fun aspects, we still had a lot of contact with God and our spirits.