Originally published in the quarterly ExplorerWinter 2013 edition.

Occasionally, everyone needs a break. Whether it is from school or work, it is always a necessity.

On Saturday, October 19, the RRCB Youth Group gathered together and for an entire day participated in numerous activities, many focusing on community service and love. Carving pumpkins, visiting Westminster Canterbury, and go-karting were a few of the fun things we did.

The love and kindness demonstrated by our youth was amazing. Throughout the day, I continually saw smiling faces, hilarious laughter, and genuine friendship. A group does not exist without expressions like those, all of which are expressions of love.

Looking back on the extravagant day, combining the feats of our many adventures, our Youth Group grew as a family. In the past, the present, and the future, a group of people that support you and care about you is meaningful, and for me, they have always been there by my side, and I intend to be at theirs. Wonderful things come out of people that care about one another.