18 youth, 6 chaperones, and 1 child (Amanda Rooney) spent 7 days in Greenville, SC, serving God.  We spent time at the Nicholtown Community Center, we painted the interior of a home, painted rooms at a home for abused and neglected children, power washed a community center, moved furniture so that a woman and her 3 children could move into a home, ripped down a ceiling, provided electricity for a youth area of a local church, and had a whole bunch of fun.  It was one of those weeks that is hard to describe in words…but I’ll try.

On the last night of our time together, the youth and adults reflected on their week.  I gave them several questions to respond to. These are some of their reflections.  Your time will be well spent if you take 10 minutes to read them.  You will NOT be disappointed.

If you’re not excited about not only the future of the Church but also the present of the Church (and particularly River Road Church), you need to check your pulse.

I’m grateful to have been a part of the week and getting to experience a bunch of teenagers, sharing their gifts in Greenville, SC.  What incredible ministers they are!  We should be proud.