Day 5 – last day of work.  Today, we’ll hear from the crew who worked with the children at the Nicholtown Community Center.  Beth Rooney, Meg Rooney, James Howe, Matthew Howe, Michael Whitty, Colleen Trott, Marge Rusher, and Sandy Rooney were on the crew. A few reflections:

James HoweThe children really wanted us to stay.  They asked about next year.  I was really said because I’ve made life-long friendships with people I just met on Monday.

Michael Whitty:  I was sad because I felt in the hang of things, and it was hard to leave so quickly.  I would like to go every week this summer.  Yes, it was exhausting but seeing their faces when we were leaving showed how much we impacted their lives this week.  

Beth Rooney:  I met a girl at camp.  She began to talk to me about her rough family life.  I was amazed at how much courage she had because of the horrible drama she dealt with at home.  I couldn’t imagine living like that.  The one thing that made me happy was her faith in God.  She kept telling me not to worry about her because she believed God had a greater plan and would guide her to better times. 

After she told me her story, she smiled at me and told me, “I’m so glad I met you Beth.  I didn’t think many people believed in God.”  My new friend was the light from God that shone for me this week.  Her courage and strength has given me a whole new perspective on life.  

The crew went out and bought school supplies to give to the Community Center.  When our group brought the supplies to the community center, we surprised Ms. Jones by putting them in her office.  When she asked if the supplies were from us, her face lit up.


Our children’s camp crew along with the counselors at Nicholtown Community Center.



Colleen Trott drew pictures for the children to color.

Last night, one of Michael K.’s friends named Bootie, who helps out with the youth group at First Baptist Greenville, came and sang some songs for our devotion time.  He even brought us donuts.  Today, Bootie’s parents were thoughtful enough to allow us to use their pool for the afternoon.  Here are a few pictures from the day.


Michael and Bootie catching up on old times.

DSC_0015                    DSC_0020



We look forward to sharing some more reflections with you sometime soon – on the blog.  Hopefully, next week.  We travel back to Richmond tomorrow – a bitter sweet day.  We are grateful to God for such a wonderful experience here in SC and are sad to see the week end.  We are excited about getting home to see our loved ones and sleeping in a mattress that doesn’t have to be blown up each day because it deflates every night (Michael Kellett experienced this).

Our prayer is that what we experienced and learned here in SC can become an integral part of our DNA.  God is at work in Richmond and needs us.  Our hope is that we will continue to be God’s servants as we return home.