by John Whitty

The week is passing by quickly. Last night we were treated to Deacon Andrew Terry’s message pleading for justice and for us to be true to ourselves in our faith journey. It was a moving sermon and afterwards our tour group got to have a question and answer session with Andrew. It was a touching experience. Andrew definitely has the Lord in his life and his experiences & ministry are certainly doing God’s work in our world, particularly here in Richmond. I think we were all a bit awe struck with Andrew and are proud that he is one of our own and are particularly grateful for what his parents, Roy and Jane Terry, have done & continue to do for him and for River Road Church.

Our bond as a group has been strong as we’ve moved towards our goal of accomplishing tasks around the church this week. You can’t help but feel a sense of honor, love, commitment and accomplishment. When we’re finished we will have made things better for our staff, congregation, preschool and others who use the spaces and items were working in and with. It’s an awesome feeling knowing that by doing this work we’re saying “thank you” but we’re also helping further god’s kingdom on this earth.

I for one have enjoyed getting to know the others in our group better during this week. It’s been an enriching life experience and one I will soon not forget. God has been good and I know he’ll be with us throughout the rest of the week. Let the light shine.