by Bill Rusher, Anne Rusher, and Company

Top 12 Signs You Have Been on the 2012 Mission Tour:

  1. “Do not be afraid of the light that shines within you.”
  2. You have heard the story of a brave daughter who gave her kidney to her mother at MCV Hospitality House
  3. You have painted something (hopefully just the walls or ceiling) and endured the fumes.
  4. You have sung everything from Sanctuary to Jacob’s Ladder, from Amazing Grace to Bungalow, from the Good Morning Birdie Song to I’m A Little Teapot, and danced to the Chicken Dance
  5. You helped grill Rev. Andrew Terry about his life at the Monastery.
  6. You have organized closets so well you may be called as a specialist for the TV show “Hoarders.”
  7. You have chopped fruit and made sandwiches with the help of Anita McAllister.
  8. Sting Pong.
  9. You have rocked in a rocking chair, played checkers, or tried fried okra at Cracker Barrel.
  10. You stayed for 12 out of 13 innings and ended up on the fan page on Facebook for the Richmond Flying Squirrels.
  11. Bacon.
  12. If the world ends, you know where to go to find a survival kit including a 2400 calorie coconut bar.