A short snipit about the painting crew.  Cathy Whitty, Kaitlyn Depew, Meg Rooney, Meredith Ezzelle, Matt Rooney, Lucy Thornton, Chloe Powell, Anna Lee, Emily Evans, and Michael Kellett (mostly the errand runner) are on this crew.

IMG_1772For the past 2 days, the painting crew painted a house for GAIHN (see last night’s blog for more info).  One of our crew members became overwhelmed that there were folks who lived in the conditions they found when they first arrived.  Today, with the help from the A-team, a single mom with 3 children was able to move into the home at 8 Carter Street.

Today, the painting crew worked with Pendleton Place for Children and Families, a safe place for children who have been victims of abuse and neglect. Two of our crew shared their feelings about today:

IMG_1778Emily Whitty:  it’s a good feeling to do good things for others; Brandon, the man who works with volunteers at Pendleton Place, has a lot of passion.  He wanted to make everything great for the children.

Kaitlyn Depew:  it was upsetting to think children are treated that way (abuse and neglect) and no one should be treated unfairly.

It was good to see some of the fruits of our labor (a nicely painted wall), though we’ll never fully know what our hard work will mean to future residents at Pendleton Place nor at 8 Carter Street. This week, we have talked about being faithful to the call of following Jesus – of loving God with all of our being and loving our neighbors as ourselves.  We are called to be faithful, even if we don’t get to experience the fruits of our labors.

IMG_1776This week, we read I Corinthians 15.58.  It says we should excel in the work of the Lord because we know that, in the work of the Lord, our labor is not in vain.  Because we are here to serve our neighbor, our labor has not been in vain.

Thanks be to God for the 25 youth and adults who are faithfully living out Jesus’ call to come and follow me and sharing their incredible ministry with Greenville.

IMG_1773 IMG_1775  IMG_1784 IMG_1783

 And a great group picture from last night’s trip to downtown Greenville

   IMG_3521 - Copy