For many years a choir in a church has been very important. Choirs began in the late 6th century, and people such as, Monks, sang the songs. Although the songs they sang are different from what we sing in church today. They sung, Gregorian chants, which are religious texts in a chant style. Then in the late 1100s they began using more melody lines and accompaniment was added.

The youth choir we have here at River Road Church, it a great start to learn music. You learn music theory, and harmonizing; which are great things to know for future musicians out there! There is a great importance in singing in the Youth Choir, like serving God with your friends and to have fun. Although, I do know, as a middle school student, we all have CRAZY and HECTIC schedules. Sports here and homework there, its just too crazy! But think about this: there are many, many benefits that a person can get from choir.

Well, you may ask, what are they? You are introduced to many different languages, like Spanish and French! Also, you learn about many cultures and a better understanding of God. Plus, have you ever wanted to go to England? This is the great chance to get to travel!

Youth Choir gives great benefits, and you will learn a lot! We need people in the youth choir! Your contribution could change your life. But in the end, Youth Choir is not only about music theory and harmonizing, it’s about fun fellowship with your friends and God.