Originally published in the Fall 2012 Quarterly Explorer.

When Dr. Clingenpeel asked me to assist with youth programming until a permanent staff member could be secured, for a brief moment, I wondered if I could re-invent myself and be an asset to the church and to the youth program. My four grandchildren were loyal and assured me that I could do the job and they would be glad to have me as their youth minister. I created an office in the Youth Lounge, organized some material and began understanding the needs of the group. The worship services came a little easier. It did not take long to feel a part of the worship team. Youth take a little longer before they trust you. The faithful “10” came on Wednesdays and Sunday evenings. I soon discovered that their need to understand their relationship to Christ and the church has not changed over the years. Old stories and experiences were new to them. They allowed me to grow with them. Gradually, others joined the group and by the time Tour came, 21 youth formed the team. I am proud of them and grateful for their patience. Now if I could only learn to “blog and tweet!”