Friends Helping Friends

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 (second Tuesday)
7:00 p.m., Home of Peggy Pruden

The Connectors is hosting their annual Christmas party — all women are invited to attend! Christmas cards will be readied to mail to church ladies who are unable to attend meetings. We will celebrate the season with great friends.

Connectors is open to all women and you’re invited. Bring a friend! RSVP to Ray Nelson at

River Road Church WMU Connectors is a group of women who support missions and emphasize fellowship. Interested in helping others in our Richmond Community? Being an active friend in helping to feed the homeless at Oregon Hill Baptist Center? Want to hear about missions’ efforts and needs from those who are in the field and walk the walk?


The WMU Connectors gathers on the third Tuesday during themonths of September thru April with programs and speakers that will expand your knowledge of needs in the area. The upcoming meeting schedule information is posted online.