Linda and I give to RRCB for several reasons. The first reason is because RRCB has become our church. Our two daughters grew up in the church, were baptized in the church, and were married in the church. Over the approximately 40 years we have been members of RRCB, we have come to realize that the church is our extended family and we have developed many special friendships that continue to this day.

We also give because RRCB has become what Chester calls a “thin place” in our relationship with God. Here we are closer to God and able to truly feel God’s love and grace through the worship service, music, and beautiful facilities.

Lastly, we give because of RRCB’s commitment to missions that has given each of us the opportunity to become involved in helping those in need not only in our community, but in communities throughout our country and our world. These mission projects are also “thin places” where we become active participants in God’s great plan. In the process, not only are our lives permanently changed, but we can and do change the lives of others.

Written by Ron & Linda Benton

This series is designed to give RRCB members an opportunity to reflect upon their own generosity to God. In reading their stories, we pray that your own life of generosity is encouraged and challenged as well.