Years ago, in college I got much more interested in photography than in my studies.

In the early seventies, I decided that I would become more versatile in this craft.

I got my private pilot’s license and also was certified in scuba diving.

Then I knew I could take photos on land, in the air, and sea.

I didn’t end up flying that much, and my ears didn’t clear well, (equalize pressure), so both of these interests fell by the wayside. The flying urge was satisfied by working with a non-profit which allowed me to travel to more than ninety countries in a 35-year career.

In my later years I dreamed of driving a large vehicle, like a tractor trailer. It just seemed like it would be fun. It wasn’t a very practical dream because of my age. Growing up I was interested in all kinds of vehicles – tractors, motorcycles, boats, and anything I was able to get my hands on.

At River Road Church, Baptist I found the opportunity to drive something pretty big. I got my CDL license so I could help with the bus ministry which at that time used a 24-passenger bus.

photo 1The bus ministry at our church is one that is pretty much hidden, but is of great value to those that use it. Currently we are only serving residents at Lakewood Manor on Sunday mornings. Special events like concerts are also served.The youth ministry uses the bus for outings as well.

When you see the bus parked in front of the church on Sundays, think about what it represents. There is a small core of dedicated drivers, that every week, rain or shine, get out on the road and jostle with the Lexus and Sequoia SUV’s to bring your mother, aunt, or grandmother to church. All are long-time members.

Our new bus does not require a CDL license, and the Transportation Committee would welcome new drivers. In fact, beginning in January, the fourth Sunday of the month will not have a driver…won’t you join the team and enable this ministry to continue?