On occasion dreams come true. A bride and groom say their vows. A daughter or son walks across a stage and is handed a diploma. A realtor hands you the keys to the front door of your first house. A couple carries their newborn into a carefully-prepared nursery.

It is a gracious thing to be present when a dream is realized. That’s because we witness dreams die as often as we see them ripen. More than most, I am witness to the fruition of dreams. As a pastor I stand with people who have given birth, been baptized, graduated, pledged their faithfulness, offered their baby to the Lord, moved into a new home, retired.

This week I received a letter from Daniel Chu, pastor of the Grace Chinese Baptist Church of Richmond. Today I spoke with him by phone. His congregation is celebrating a dream come true. After years of vibrant ministry in Richmond’s West End, the congregation is moving into a building of their own. They have been praying for a place to call “home,” and they have been collecting and saving resources toward this goal.

While waiting and working for the fulfillment of this dream, the Grace Chinese Baptist Church met for worship in several locations. For about a year during 2006 and 2007, they met in our chapel each Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Almost 100 in number some Sundays, I still can hear the sound of their congregation singing to God’s glory in words I could not understand. But I understood, and understand still, the music they made in that room. It was the music of salvation received and hope deferred.

On June 2 they sing of hope realized, of a dream come true. God has done a new thing in and through them. You can see it at www.gcbcr.org. Take a look; it is a picture of a fulfilled dream.

I write to thank you for helping the Grace Chinese Baptist Church make their dream come true. Pastor Chu told me that they are grateful, and God is glorified.