He had just settled into his seat on a long cross country flight, when the traveler next to him decided to start a conversation with him, by asking: “So, what’s your business…?”  My friend, the person who had just been asked the question, paused—as I often have—wondering if he should disclose the fact that he was a Baptist pastor. He and I have often exchanged stories on what happens when we tell complete strangers that we are a minister. Some folks get a lot quieter when they hear “what” we do; a few are intrigued, and ask a few questions; a few folks, even fewer, absolutely don’t know what to say next—and stare out the airplane window. (I’ve gotten the same response here at the YMCA now and then, when a new person playing ball with me turns for a moment, and asks me, “So, what do you do?” I’m frequently told, when I respond, “I bet that’s very… interesting!”)

blank business cardSO, what is my business? What is it that I do? The question lingers mainly because you and I have been asked to “do” certain things as believers, and because we follow Someone Who wants us to do His business. And what does that involve? A very good question, which we each try to answer by discovering and employing our skills—for the care of others.

The “church” is a people who seek to discover and follow God’s purposes, and we have many varied ways to do so. Another way to ask the question is, “What’s your mission?” –because every follower of Christ has a mission—or call it—a chosen passion to serve Christ in some particular way.

So, what’s your mission?