It was William Shakespeare who said (or wrote) in Romeo and Juliet, “What’s in a name?”

This famous quote came to mind when we were redesigning the River Road Preschool logo this year. For me, the answer, is quite a lot! The symbol you see below is more than just a circle of friends standing firmly on the foundation that was created by and is daily supported by River Road Church. The pictures you see illustrate the developmental curriculum offered by River Road Preschool.

The book represents the love of learning we work to instill in each child. Cognitive development goes far past the letters and numbers, and into the world of sparking critical thinking skills, reasoning, and introducing the abstract thoughts that make up our world—like why is our sky such a beautiful blue? We work to help each child discover a joy for learning that will motivate them throughout their journey in education.

Healthy habits are introduced at an early age. Going beyond making good choices in what we eat, to self-help skills, and personal habits (ex. cover your nose when you sneeze). Rest is important for both our bodies and minds, and fresh air and outside time are experienced daily.

This stand-alone crayon shows our little artists think outside the box. They experiment and create with a wide variety of media, enjoying the process without the requirement of a replicated product. Students enjoy sensory materials and tubs, dramatic play, and the sense of accomplishment of independent creation and discovery.

Coordinated movement isn’t just inherent, its taught! The crawling pattern of a pre-toddler leads to a preschool child putting one foot in front of the other on a balance beam. The fine motor skills of dropping pom poms into a jar with tweezers merges into the correct pencil grip. Gross and fine motorskills are focused on daily at River Road Preschool.

Life Skills are centered on the social and emotionalskills we build on—you must first be a friend to havefriends in your life. From caring and sharing, self-confidence in expressing emotions, and making good choices inlife, many life lessons are learned on the “Buddy Bench.”

Our first day of school at River Road Preschool is September4. Please take a moment on this morning to think about our name and add River Road Preschool to your prayer list. Please ask God to hold each teacher in God’s hand as they guide each of our children that day and every day.

Written by Danielle Simone, River Road Preschool Director
Originally published in September Explorer


It’s that time of year! Teachers are creating new bulletin boards and hanging names on hooks, parents are shopping for new tennis shoes, and the Fixers are getting everything ready to go!  River Road Preschool is happy to welcome our new and returning families to the 2019-2020 School Year!

You will see some new smiling faces in the preschool office this fall. Danielle Simone joined the staff in June as the Director, and Beth Howe moved from the classroom to the office as the Assistant Director in July! Wendy Graves has graciously given of her personal time to help train and transition both.  Together Beth and Danielle span the early childhood education sector with their experiences. Danielle brings a background in PK and K to the program, and Beth rounds out the team with her toddler-age two classroom experiences.

River Road Preschool’s dedicated professional staff will fill each and every classroom with years of experience and training in a developmentally challenging curriculum focused on play interactions and the foundation of building friendships and relationships. The River Road teachers will welcome all families this fall with our Family Night in October to have an opportunity to meet and visit with others in our school community. This fall, our students will have an opportunity to extend their day with a variety of sport and enrichment opportunities. From “Cooking Around the Alphabet” to creations in Art and points scored in tennis, tons of fun awaits our preschool students.