Dear Fellow Members,

We are truly blessed as a church family. The time, talents and resources of this congregation are impressive beyond our acknowledgment. Our church has offered support and generosity to many within its walls and beyond the walls of River Road, Baptist. We have experienced many types of transition in the last few years. Transition brings an opportunity for new ideas, new areas to be involved and, in general, a chance to contribute to the next chapter in our long storied history.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how this church, with so much to offer, so many programs and initiatives, and so many people to tend to, operates? Who washes those glasses following communion? Who polishes those sparkling trays for offering and communion or cleans the pews after the services? What about those flowers? If you guessed members of the River Road family, you guessed correctly. Have you stopped to look at the mission trips that our family members at River Road have embarked on recently, spreading their time and talents to those in need in and beyond Richmond?

The Bible speaks often of giving a “tenth”… as early as Abraham in Genesis 14:20. What if we looked at ten percent a little differently? What if we tried to give ten percent more? Ten percent more time to a committee, ten percent more to Sunday School, ten percent more in our donations. What if we each tried to attend events at River Road ten percent more than we did last year? Giving a tenth of everything you have can be a daunting thought, but giving ten percent more than last year in any way can be a tremendous impact to doing the work that God has asked of us. And ten percent more represents growth in stewardship.

As we enter into the stewardship season, think of what you can do for our church. Think of those that our church family can help. Think of what our church means to those who are in need of help and comfort. We have tremendous capabilities and unending opportunities, and in this economy we cannot turn our backs on chances to serve and show God’s love. Start now, be still for ten minutes and think, can I do more? Can I spend more time in the life of this church family?


Your Stewardship Committee
Patrick Barbier (co-chairman), Rich Jante (co-chairman), Pat Dickinson Keith Evans, Jay Howe, Dave Lesher, Tom Ligon, Mark Pounders