Romans 12:1-21

Most of us think of worship as the one hour on Sunday morning where we sit in the Sanctuary, listen to beautiful music, and hear the word of God. In Romans 12:1-21, we are encouraged, not to think of worship as a ritual, but rather to think of worship as how we should live our lives every day. Everything we do and think should be in dedication to God.

These straightforward verses give us specific instructions on how to treat others and how we should act ourselves. It’s nothing new, we know it all, but abiding by it is the only way to fully worship God at all times. By following the advice given in this scripture (live in harmony, feed your enemies, love your brother, do not be proud, be faithful in prayer, overcome evil with good, mourn with those who mourn, do what is right), you are worshipping every day, just as God expects us to.

This is a great concept and seems so easy, but much harder in practice. We lead very busy lives with many distractions. In order to have better, fuller, Christian lives, we should worship all the time, not just on Sunday mornings.

Prayer: Dear God, during this time of Lent, please help me to reflect on what is important in my life; help me to worship not just on Sundays, but every day through my actions and thoughts. Amen.

Katie Merritt