Originally read during Worship on Sunday, October 7.

Good morning,

I am Rich Jante, your Co-Chair for the Stewardship Committee this year.

I would like to recognize and “thank” the Stewardship team:

  • Patrick Barbier, Co-Chair
  • Keith Evans
  • Jay Howe
  • Dave Lesher
  • Tom Ligon
  • Pat Dickenson
  • Mark Pounders

And a special thanks to Mike Price and Cassandra Ducca for their support in many behind the scenes efforts.

So what is “Stewardship?”

That is the question our committee wrestled with for the first half of the year. After manymeetings we decided to emphasis and refresh the Church’s current Stewardship statement: (You can find a copy of our stewardship statement in the form of a bookmark in the pews.)

It states:

“Christian Stewardship is my / our response to a loving God by offering my / our Time, Talents, and Resources in acts of gratitude to the Glory of God.”

One of my favorite movies is Chariots of Fire.

One of the memorable scenes of the movie is when Erick Liddle accidentally misses a church prayer meeting because of his running and preparation for the 1924 Olympics. His sister accuses him of no longer caring about God.

Eric tells her that though he intends to return to China as a missionary, he feels divinely inspired when running, and that not to run would be to dishonor God: “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure, for the Glory of God “

Wow, talk about Time, Talent, and Resources to the Glory of God!

So what is “Giving Time, Talent, and Resources to the Glory of God” River Road?

Look around and we will see:

  • Inspired Gospel filled messages
  • Exceptional Bible classes
  • Sterling Choral music
  • Stunning visiting choir groups
  • Exciting Vacation Bible School
  • Meaningful Mission trips
  • Award-winning Preschool
  • Enthusiastic Youth choir and plays
  • Youth Baptism, recently one of the largest groups
  • New members
  • And so much more

Notice I did not mention the brick and mortar of our Church? We have a fabulous Church, but it only matters what we do within and outside these walls for the Glory of God.

Yes, During the month of October we focus on financial Stewardship to create and maintain the material resources of the Church.

Our Commitment Sunday is October 28th, and yes it does take a huge financial commitment by ALL members, remembering everything we do and give is for the Glory of God.

As stated in Romans 11:36:
“For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be Glory for Ever”

Thank you and Keep the Faith.