In our present society, everything has value and a cost associated with it.  Lawyers bill clients by the minute.  Doctors schedule patients as closely as possible in order to see the maximum number of patients each day.  The plumber, auto mechanic, and electrician charge for their service as soon as they leave the shop, or start working on your car.  Even the church sets value on its services and programs.  Is the program worthwhile?  How many people benefit from the program?  Does the number of participants justify the cost?  Could available funds be better used on another project?

For the past two weeks youth and adults have participated in two events.  The first, Passport, benefitted the individual.  Great worship experiences, opportunities for personal growth, and group building activities filled the week.  Seven adults gave their time to the project.  Vans were rented.  Housing was secured and supervision given to thirteen young people.  Was it worth the energy and cost?  Only time will tell.

The second project, a mission project with Westover Baptist Church, benefitted two churches.  Westover needed to see a vision of what their church could become again and River Road needed to move beyond its own boundaries and discover the joy of helping someone else.  During the week, the fellowship hall and foyer were painted, the kitchen was re-organized, and a wall, with a bi-fold door was built to help organize the flower room.  Rooms were cleaned.  The old metal windows were encased with a new ¼” plexiglass panel.  Their youth and adults worked with our youth and adults.  Funds were expended, equipment purchased, housing and food secured.  Was it worth it?  YES!  New visions were formulated, resulting in renewed confidence and hope for the future of both churches.

This summer we have been challenged by two questions:  What will you do with your one life and when will you start?  Perhaps those questions should be asked by everyone.  The answer to those questions could change your life.