“So, what are our Date Nights about?,” I have been asked.

These nights are opportunities to stop with the busy-ness of life and reconnect. It allows a couple to talk about themselves and their relationship, not because they are having any troubles but because it is a fun and healthy thing to do. God delights in healthy relationships and homes. Much of the time we talk about work, bills, decisions that need to be made, kids, and life responsibilities. It is not often that we set time aside to simply enjoy each other. These Date Nights are designed to allow you to do just that. And, age does not matter. It is for everyone.

On each date night, a special envelope created for this particular night, will be given to you. Enclosed are questions for you to use while on your date. They are meant to be thought-provoking and fun, and most importantly they focus on you and your relationship.

  • On Date Night #1 (in November), the questions centered around the past: favorite childhood memories and favorite times together.
  • Date Night #2 will offer questions about the present. (February 14)
  • Date Night #3 holds questions that allow you both to dream about the future. (March 28)

If you missed Date Night #1, it’s not too late. Questions are still available for you to do this at a time of your own choosing. Date Night #1 envelopes are located in the church office and are bright red. Pick one up and have fun! Doing this will also give you a platform for Date Night #2, although it is not necessary.

For couples with children, childcare is available for just $5 per child. You must RSVP. Sign-up on our webpage when it becomes available.

You have been heard! 

  • Some couples said 6:30 p.m. is too late for them, so the time is moving back to 6:00 p.m.
  • If 8:30 p.m. is too late for you, you can come back sooner to pick children up a little early.
  • Some prefer Saturday over Friday because then they are not coming from work. Our third opportunity is on a Saturday.
  • Some folks could not go on the night selected, therefore, these opportunities will be made available for use at your convenience. The week before each Date Night, envelopes will be placed in the church office for you to pick up and use when you are able. Save the envelope until that time. (No peeking!)

On the Date Night, we will gather at church at 6:00p.m. in the Lower Commons, share a prayer together, receive our envelopes, and depart each on our own. Spend time wherever you choose: take a walk, eat out, go to a favorite spot… and enjoy talking together.

So, enjoy Date #1 whenever you like.  Date Night #2 is Feburary 14 and Date Night #3 is March 28.

Mark your calendar!

Written by Anna Perry Miller