• I believe giving to my Church shows thankfulness to God for the many blessings I have received during my life. In reflection, these blessings have come in many forms – good health, family, love, and opportunities, to mention a few. For being indeed fortunate, giving back to God’s House is a way of expressing my appreciation.


  • Giving is a way of following in Christ’s footsteps for he is the greatest giver of all.


  • Giving to River Road Church, Baptist enables it to continue to spread God’s word by providing not only a place of worship, but community for members and assistance to others through missions. Teaching of the gospel is of the utmost importance, especially to children, and gifting to the church provides a means of carrying out this mission.


  • It is important to give voluntarily without expecting reward – giving brings me closer to God and it is a pleasure for me to try and please God. God has been so generous to me with God’s love and blessings.


  • Gifting is an honor because I feel my gifts bring glory to God and prove the sincerity of my faith. For me, gifting, service, and prayer go hand in hand.


  • My gifts meet my spiritual needs by acknowledging my spiritual debt and realizing that they will be used to further the work of God’s kingdom.


  • Even though at times it may not be easy or convenient, I give cheerfully and regularly as God’s care for me has been exhibited in that way.


  • At the end of the day, I feel satisfied that I have shared with God a portion of his many and extravagant gifts to me.

Written by Jim Wilson

This series is designed to give RRCB members an opportunity to reflect upon their own generosity to God. In reading their stories, we pray that your own life of generosity is encouraged and challenged as well.