We will continue to be delighted by Chris Ahart’s and Madelyn Albright’s culinary skills! Chris has worked in the Richmond restaurant industry for 15 years, as short-order cook, caterer, and head chef. He spent nearly five years in the Ellwood Thompson kitchen, mastering the art of large-batch cooking. He is currently honing his baking skills at Montana Gold Bread Company.

Standing Reservations

The pre-paid reservation provides a 10% discount from the normal individual prices, while the Family Max reservation already includes a discount for families

The deadline to sign-up and pre-pay is anytime before the first dinner on January 8, 2019. To make your standing reservation, please call the Church Office (804-288-1131) and mail your payment, or make your reservation and pay online* through Access ACS.

*Credit and debit cards will not be accepted for payment on Standing Reservations. Please use an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to directly debit the payment from your bank account. If you have any questions, please contact LeAnne Lane.

Normal Price/Week Seasonal Fall 2018 Cost
Adults $9/week $154/19 weeks
Youth $9/week $154/19 weeks
Children $5/week $86/19 weeks
Family Max $25/week $475/19 weeks


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