Dear River Road family,

Greetings, sisters and brothers! While I have returned to North Carolina in an attempt to finish well my ministry at First Baptist Church of Ahoskie, my heart remains full from the weekend we shared together. You rolled out the red carpet for the Glaze family and we are humbled and grateful. After four full days of grace, warmth, and love, a mere “thank you” seems rather insufficient.

dglaze1Andrea and I have been in constant prayer over the last several weeks. We have felt a very clear call from God to join you in ministry. Moreover, we are grateful to God that you sensed the same call. Your unanimous vote Sunday and subsequent applause and welcome was just about more than I could take. Again, “thank you” is not nearly enough.

In the midst of my deep gratitude, I am incredibly excited and honored to begin this journey of discovery and faithfulness with you. My first Sunday in the River Road pulpit will be November 27 – the first Sunday in Advent, the Sunday of Hope. Whether we call it providence, serendipity, or mere coincidence, I’m not sure we could have planned a better time to begin ministry together as we proclaim the hope we find in Christ and the hope we have for the future of River Road Church.

I am eager to see you in a few weeks. Until then, let this benediction from Ephesians be our blessing: Peace be to the whole community and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all who have an undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

I can’t wait to become your pastor.

With prayerful excitement,

Daniel Glaze