Each Saturday and Tuesday during Lent, the devotion will consist of visual or musical works of art for you to contemplate.  There might be a brief quote or statement for you to consider as you view/listen to the material; there may be notes from or about the artist or work.  We hope you will find meaning in these pieces during your lenten journey.

On Sunday, March 9, 2014, the River Road Church, Baptist, Youth Choir and members of the Chancel Choir sang Malcolm Archer’s, “We Cannot Measure How You Heal,” accompanied by David Gullick, organ, and directed by Bob Gallagher.  Listen (again) to this beautiful work.  The words are given below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”11105″]

We cannot measure how You heal or answer every suffer’s prayer.
Yet we believe Your grace responds where faith and doubt unite to care.
Your hands, though bloodied on the cross, survive to hold and heal and warn,
To carry all through death to life, and cradle children yet unborn.
The pain that will not go away, the guilt that clings from things long past,
The fear of what the future holds are present as if meant to last.
But present, too, is love which tends the hurt we never hoped to find,
The private agonies inside, the memories that haunt the mind.
So some have come who need Your help, and some have come to make amends,
As hands which shaped and save the world are present in the touch of friends.
Lord, let Your Spirit meet us here to mend the body, mind and soul,
To disentangle peace from pain and make Your broken people whole.