Going and Giving with Joy

Because we are blessed
Because we are grateful
Because we hope to express our love to God by caring about what God cares about

Annual Budget: $203,000

These ministries are partners in the pursuit of God’s kingdom here on earth:
sharing the Good News, educating and providing growth opportunities, working towards justice, equality, relief, and safety for all of God’s children. Relationships with these partners were formed because of shared values and are kept by staff members and missions leaders to ensure the responsible use of our gifts.

With our annual missions budget of $203,000, we gladly support the following:
  • The Baptist Joint Committee (BJC)
  • Baptist News Global
  • Virginia Baptist Women in Ministry (VBWIM)
  • National Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM)
  • Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV)
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)
  • Annuitant Ministry (CBFV)
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia
  • Center for Baptist Heritage and Studies
  • HopeTree Family Services
  • Baptist World Alliance (BWA)
  • Seminary Education Scholarship
  • Passport Camps
  • Prison Ministry
  • The River City Faith Network (RBA)
  • Richmond Baptist Trust Fund
  • Camp Alkulana (General Fund- budgeted)
  • GraceInside
  • CrossOver Ministry
  • CBF Field Personnel, Missionaries – Greg & Sue Smith

Participation Costs: $28,000

A portion of our giving offsets our ministries in these areas. Additional funds needed are collected from participants above budget giving. Approximate fees, based on conservative numbers of participants, paid above budget for these initiatives are $28,000.

We give to and participate in other missions, ministries, and outreach projects:
  • Youth Mission Trip (ex. 20×225)
  • PASSPORT Camps (ex. 25×225)
  • Mission Madness
  • CrossOver Circulo de Costura (Sewing Circle)
  • Prison Ministry
  • FeedMore
  • Nickelsville Mission Trip – Southwest VA Partnership
  • Lloyd Jackson Memorial Bland Mission Trip, VA (ex. 10×75)
  • Panama Mission Trip
  • Rise Against Hunger  (2 churchwide events/year)
  • Micah Project
  • Tool Box Ministry

Tangible Giving: $ Unknown

Individuals give of their resources in unbudgeted ways through our church by tangible giving:
Panama supplies, auction and golf fees for Camp Alkulana, knitting supplies for scarves and prayer shawls, food offerings given monthly and at holidays, furniture donations for CARITAS, school supplies for CrossOver, CrossOver Moo & Brew 5K participation, children’s clothing for Micah, and Christmas store toys. (no estimate)

Special Offerings: ~$83,730

Each year there are a few above budget missions offerings that go directly to the field of need; for direct missionary / missions support and benevolent gifts. These are intentionally selected ministries with which our missions leaders and ministers share connections to ensure a responsible use of our gifts.

Special Offerings
  • Alma Hunt State Missions 2019 = $3,718
  • CBF Global Missions 2019 = $8,064
  • Alkulana Camperships 2019 = $17,789
  • Fellowship Fund (fall 2018 – fall 2019) = $52,333
  • Thanksgiving Offering =$1826.00
  • Special Offering Total ~ $83,730

This creates a conservatively figured missions giving total of


Thank you so much church, for being a people that care about needs being met and the gospel of Christ’s love being shared with others, near and far. We are a Church on Mission!

Do you know we do this? Or go there?

While we are faithful in supporting missions through our generous giving, we also have many opportunities for hand-on service, including events at church, in Richmond, within our state or country, as well as internationally.

These opportunities include ways for people of every age group to be involved.

Currently, as of 2020, we are involved in, or there is opportunity to join in, the following ministries:

WMU Connectors
(Women’s Missionary Union)

RRCB women meet monthly to learn about various missions in the area or in our church, and seeks tangible ways to offer support, alongside their prayers and encouragement. 

Micah/Oak Grove-Bellmeade Elementary School

Provision of children’s clothing, collecting Box Tops for education, tutoring, classroom assistance (scheduled to suit volunteer), teacher recognition, special projects.

Prison Ministry

Notecards collected and given to Fluvanna Correctional Center for women

Prison Ministry
Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center

Ministry to incarcerated juvenile boys

Scarves and Prayer Shawls

Items made while praying for the recipient, given to those in need

Renew Crew-Ramp Installations

Help install ramps to low-income families in the Richmond area. No special skills required.

CrossOver Ministry Clinic

Volunteers provide clerical, administrative, medical, or dental support, support their Moo & Brew Fundraiser 5K, school supplies collected for
children of patrons

CrossOver Circulo de Costura (Sewing Circle)

Sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilting are areas of learning offered to interested persons through CrossOver Ministry.

Camp Alkulana

Annual trip to help clean and repair at the camp to prepare for the upcoming season (May 16, 2020). Camp benefits inner-city youth of Richmond, collect toiletries for summer campers, and participate in their local fundraising events.


Making lunch and dinners to deliver to CARITAS twice during the year, furniture collection for distribution to those in need.

Rise Against Hunger

Intergenerational event supporting international hunger relief. It’s an interactive meal-packing assembly that is full of energy. We share this time twice a year.

Nickelsville Mission Trip
Southwest, VA

Working with Southwest Virginia Partnership: an opportunity to work in the local food pantry, packing and assisting patrons, spending time at the nursing home, or assisting with a construction project to help someone in need. (No special skills required)

Lloyd Jackson Memorial Bland Mission Trip
Bland County, VA

Construction projects in Bland and surrounding areas with support of BGAV (Virginia Baptists) and East River Baptist Association. (No special skills required)

Panama Mission Trip

Collect needed items, an adult team made up of folks from five churches travel to Panama annually to assist medical and dental ministries and work on construction jobs that help very impoverished, beautiful people.

Food Sharing

First Sundays Food Share with donations given to three Richmond Baptist Centers, drive for Meals on Wheels on 2nd Wednesdays and 3rd Fridays monthly, Thanksgiving food boxes prepared by all ages for Oregon Hill Center, and Christmas Eve food offering.

Christmas Store

Collecting toys given to children through our Richmond Baptist Centers, delivering, setup store, and help patrons.

Youth and Children

Each age group participates in additional mission projects, events, and trips that are specifically designed for them.

Preschool Partnership Missions

River Road Church Preschool plans missions initiatives for the family who attend the school. The church is invited to participate alongside and support these important events.

The Board of Missions meets the first Sunday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Assembly Room. Mission ministries, such as the ones described above, began as someone’s heartfelt calling. They came to the Board to relay their call to serve in this way. The Board listened, contemplated their request, and decided to support each proposal.

We seek to meet these requirements:

  • Does it extend our reach in meeting needs and representing Christ?
  • Can we get adequate participation?
  • And is it fiscally possible?

Once any endeavor begins and is ongoing, we are regularly review it to make sure it continues to meet these requirements. We encourage church members to attend our meetings, or see a Board member, to learn more about any mission opportunities that are ongoing, or in which they are considering participating. The Board is open to entertaining the idea of any ministry you feel called to pursue. Please share it with a board member to bring it for consideration, or plan to attend the meeting. Please let the chairperson, currently Bonnie Livick (bonnielivick@gmail.com), know if you need to be on the agenda to make a missions proposal.

Thank you, River Road Church,

for being such strong supporters of missions through your joyful giving and going!