Water-the Internet of Spirit PDF

Every now and then, Something Great, (Masaru Emoto’s lab term for God) decides on who might reveal another astonishing discovery in Creation’s treasure chest. That’s what Emoto’s work and his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, lays out for us.

Masaru, a Japanese scientist who discovered and scientifically documented repeatedly that when water samples freeze, their crystals create different designs based on which words, sounds, photographs or feelings were exposed to the water just before freezing.

For example, after children in an elementary school spoke “you’re cute” to the water, it formed a beautiful hexagon with intricate ornamentation. When the same children spoke “you fool” to the same water sample, its crystal formed hodge-podge confusion.

Emoto found that when water samples are ignored, its crystals form designs very similar to those being exposed to pollution or insulting remarks. Good water shows beautiful crystals. Bad water does not show any crystal at all. Water can be influenced by music, images, words, and prayers. Water likes “love and gratitude.”

What’s going on here? Emoto reminds us that adult humans are about 70% water. Children are even a higher percentage of water. All living species are largely water.

If you are a pet lover, maybe you’ve discovered it usually knows you’re on the way home about 10 minutes before you arrive. Could be through water communication.

It has been known for years that animals detect earthquakes ahead of one actually happening. Others have had similar unexplained experiences with plants and fruit.

Whenever scientists attempt to determine if there is life on Mars or other planets, scientists first seek to establish if water is present. Why? Because life as we know it is totally dependent on water. All life on earth is thought to have arisen from water. Also, water is believed to have been brought to a dry earth from frozen asteroids and objects in space, again, as part of the mysteries in Creation.

What does this mean to us? First, please read Emoto’s book. I promise you will be amazed and encouraged, because Something Great has even more to unfold to us through Emoto’s work.

Christians may see this, as I do, loving echoes from our Something Great’s Son’s teaching about love and gratitude; echoes from Jesus’ great commandment, Mark 12:30, to love God with all of our heart, mind and soul; and the second, to love our neighbors as ourselves. Gratitude is a part of love in action through our whole being.

Part of what I see here too is, rather than the water reading the written languages on paper, it may be instead detecting the feelings in those writing or speaking the words, such, as anger, peace, friendliness, admiration, anxiety, etc. It’s difficult to say “you fool” without building some theatrical anger inside, and that, I believe, is what the water is sensing.

Water, it appears to me, is Spirit’s Internet. It is the medium through which our human spirits communicate with each other and with the Holy Spirit. Quantum physics also gives us a clue, through electrons. Water has two sets of paired electrons in each molecule.

Paired electrons have been proven by quantum physicists to communicate with each other, regardless of how far apart they are placed.

For example, if one of the paired electrons is put on the moon, and the other remained in the science lab, when scientist here tilt the rotating axis of the electron in the lab, say 5 degrees, miraculously the one on the moon will tilt its axis in the opposite direction exactly 5 degrees.

But even more inexplicable, the separated electrons communicate instantly, and are not limited by the speed of light, like radio transmission, which would take about 2 seconds to travel between Earth and the moon. Between Earth and Mars, it would take about 21 seconds. But the paired electrons communicate instantly, regardless of how far apart they are separated.

The beauty in all of this to me is seeing a fraction more of God’s toolbox of wonder and mystery. We will never understand it all, just as an ant doesn’t have the capacity to understand the jet engine flying overhead.

For us human ants, Emoto’s new science helps us glimpse a new depth of meaning in a previous ordinary subject, water. Such new discoveries may also help us understand a bit more about the woman at the well, after her surprise encounter with Jesus, and why she felt so compelled to share that experience with others.

Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water is an astounding book. It also leaves a faith-twinkle on my face, while I remind myself — Respect the mystery; love the magic; and cherish it in gratitude.

Written by C. Page Highfill