Todays’ Scripture: Isaiah 43:19

19 I am about to do something new; this moment it will unfold.  Can you not perceive it?  Even through the wilderness I shall make a way, and paths in the barren desert. (Revised English Bible)

Again and again the Scriptures remind the people of God to have hope.  The terms “wilderness” and “barren desert” are often used to represent bad times or times when we may feel hopeless.  God reminds them, and us, that the wilderness is no match for God.  God makes a way through regardless.

Artwork by Jake Johnson

Artwork by Jake Johnson

God declares here that not only will God make a way, but God is about to do something new!  “Stop brooding over days gone by” (verse 18). “I will provide water… and rivers in the barren desert” (verse 20).

Knowing now, as we do, that Christ was born for us, we can see that he is like a river provided in the desert.  Through hope in Christ we can thrive, even while passing through wilderness.  Nova!  Good news!