October 20-November 6, 2017
Lower Commons

Warren Johnson worked for the International Mission Board (IMB) for over 35 years. During his time at IMB he traveled to over 95 countries capturing the world around him. ” The Arts Committee is sponsoring this exhibit, please take the time to look at his beautiful work, it will remain up until November 6.

I had the privilege of a dream job at the Baptist International Mission Board which lasted thirty five and a half years.

Right after graduating from Campbell College in August of 1968 I applied for a position in the Audio-Visual Department. It was under the direction of Fon Scofield, who was quite well known in Southern Baptist life for the fine still images and motion pictures that were to help church members understand what missionaries actually did overseas. It basically was promotional work.

I started working at the Mission Board in September 1968, and had the honor of working in 95 countries overseas helping tell the story of missions.

The photos in this exhibit are some which are meaningful to me in various ways. Some are simply scenic, some reflect some sort of crisis. All of them put me right back in the events which took place in that instant.

Still photography unlike video, allows you study a photograph at your leisure and in doing so you have the time to interpret the image in many ways. A still image is burned into you brain and in your mind you can revisit it.

None of these photos were posed. I found the scene and worked out in my mind the best way to represent it.

Thanks for looking,
Warren Johnson