Ephesians 5:8-14

The image of tightrope walkers is one that elicits awe, chills, breath-holding and fear from audiences. In our current time many people have joined the ranks of tightrope walkers as we seek to maintain a precarious balance of staying current, relevant and purposeful with our Christian calling.

Deciding what to read, how to use technology, and with whom to spend our time are daily challenges that have us longing for God’s direction. However, the temptation to say yes to trivial uses of our time is at an all-time high, leaving us with a shaky equilibrium. And yes, we can, and often do, fall along the way.

The great good news is that we have numerous resources to keep us living a balanced and energized life. Over and over the Bible speaks of staying alert and aware of the moving Spirit that gives buoyancy and peace – peace, which can never be found apart from God.

Today’s text says: “Awake, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine upon you.”

“Thanks be to God for urging us to stay awake to the myriad of life giving choices.”

Patsy Kendall