Do you have an interest in making a difference in the life of a young person serving time?  Do you believe that young people who have made poor choices still have a chance to turn their lives around if they know someone cares?

For almost ten years, a group of volunteers from River Road Church, Baptist have been visiting monthly with young men ages 15–17 on the Bon Air campus of the Department of Juvenile Justice.  For an hour on the third Thursday evening of each month, we visit one of the residential units to socialize and play games with a group of anywhere from three to fifteen boys.  Many of these boys have had few positive adult role models and some have limited social skills.  Others are bright and engaging – curious about what music we like, what we believe, and what we think the meaning of life is.

The consensus of our volunteers is that visits are always worthwhile and often an unexpected moment of grace in our week.  We have come to understand that on any given night it is hard to measure the benefits of our time spent; but as we see familiar faces brighten with our arrival, we truly believe that we are planting a seed of caring and hope in their lives.  You CAN make a difference!  Please join us as we visit with and pray for our boys.

For more information and to volunteer, please contact Christie Lessels ( or 804-323-5163).

Prison Ministry Volunteers: Norma Hays, Christie Lessels, Steve Lessels, Steve Lowery, and Diane Shoemake