What an incredible week we’re having at Unidiversity. I want to give you an opportunity to see and hear about all the fun we’re having. Unidiversity live streams their worship services each night. Click here to watch previous night’s worship services (Wednesday night – Christine Kellett sang and Lindsey Stevens participated in leadership in worship). You can watch Friday’s closing worship service live at 6:45 PM (our Thursday service is off-site and will not be live streamed).  You can also watch all the daily videos of what’s been going on at camp by clicking here.

Today, we talked about forgiveness and acceptance. The theme this year has been so timely for our group – our theme at River Road in our youth ministry has been welcome. How grateful I have been to our youth (and so many others) as they have offered the Kellett family such welcome almost a year ago. We have been accepted as part of the River Road family.

This week, as you can imagine, our youth have made fast friends. On the first night, Christine and Sheryl had a hard time calming the girls down because they were talking a mile a minute about all the great people they had met. There was one particular friend that has become close friends with our girls. Throughout the week, our new friend has been having some struggles with her own youth group. The youth in her group got mad at her and hurt her feelings. She turned to our girls in our youth group for advice about how to handle things. Our girls have done so well, listening to her, making sure she knows that she’s accepted with our little group, and continuing to encourage her to talk with her youth group about her feelings.

I wish you could be here to experience Unidiversity. 400+ youth and adults, gathering together to learn more about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. How supportive and positive it is that we gather together – to know we’re not alone. I’m so grateful that our group is here and having the time of their lives – meeting new friends, learning more about forgiveness and acceptance, experiencing God’s presence in a very meaningful way, and just having a whole lot of fun. And we’re only half way done with the week – can’t wait to see what the 2nd part of the week will bring.

I’m so grateful to be around such wonderful ministers…and I’m talking about our youth.


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