Luke 1:34-35, 37-38

Mary’s conversation with the angel is coming to an end. After hearing that she is going to conceive and bear a son, she is naturally curious as to how this is going to happen given her circumstances. She is given an answer in some detail. Most commentators contrast her response to that of Zechariah who is said to have doubted that a miraculous birth would happen for him and his wife. But I think Mary’s curiosity bespeaks to at least a passing doubt in the plausibility of it all. Yet she seems satisfied with the angel’s answer.

As Christians today, we have to work a bit harder to discern the will of God for our lives. We are not likely to have an angel come and visit and tell us exactly how God is going to use us. This isn’t to say God doesn’t send other messengers into our lives to help us discover and learn God’s will for us. Sometimes the message comes from someone we know; occasionally it may come from an unusual source. And sometimes we may even find ourselves in the role of being God’s messenger to somebody else.

by Charlotte H.

by Charlotte H.

And like Mary, even as we listen to what God is calling us to, we may be understandably curious just how it will come to be given our own circumstances. We may even experience some doubt and question the plausibility of it all. But God will walk alongside us until we are able to say like Mary, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.”

What messengers has God put into your life and what message do they bring? How do you satisfy your understandable curiosity regarding God’s will for your life at this time, in this place?

Sheryl Johnson