Change is inevitable, unceasing, and also a sign of life. You have witnessed a number of staff changes at RRCB in recent days, as well as adjustments to staff responsibilities and assignments. These are all part of the ongoing process of evaluating and addressing needs in the church family. They are also part of the reality of staff members reaching milestones like retirement, career changes, and life challenges. Some transitions we choose; others simply happen to us and we adjust accordingly.

I am once again serving in an interim position at River Road Church, this time as the Interim Minister of Pastoral Care. Dr. Dan Bagby has retired, which leaves a considerable gap in the area of ministering to persons who are ill, hospitalized, disabled, shut in, or facing other life-altering situations. I am honored to have been asked to serve in this capacity.

My appeal to you is that you let us know when and where there are needs to address. It is best to contact the church office, so that such information can be shared appropriately for prayer and for staff follow up. When there is a desire for confidentiality, simply contact me or another member of the ministerial staff and let us know, in confidence, how we may be of assistance.

Never assume that “they already know.” You would be surprised how often the ministerial staff is the last to know! We would rather hear the same information several times than not to hear it at all.

In addition to being interim, I am also part-time. I will do my best to minister in the context of limited hours. The good thing about the day we live in is that smart phones, e-mail, and text messages make communication possible at any time. This will help me – and you – to stay in touch when needs arise.

Transitions never happen in a vacuum. They happen in the course of life, as it continues forward and as it continually evolves. We travel together through all of this as church family, as a people of thoughtful faith. Let me know how I can be of help to you.

Written by Bert Browning