Re: ISH Toiletries Drive
From: Nancy Brown and Board of Missions

Thank you for your help and support for the ISH Toiletries Drive!

This summary represents the items left on the Missions’ Tables by individual church members as well as those purchased from the $100 contributed by the Shepherd Bible Study Class. The Lydia Class also donated generous bags of toiletries thanks to the coordination of members Jo Casler and Peggy Marsh.

A big thank you to Raymond Street and Sandi Bassett who helped facilitate the logistics of getting items from Missions’ Tables/the Mission Closet to my car!

No Tears Shampoo 12 bottles*
Shampoo (women) 14 bottles
Conditioner (women) 9 bottles
Body Wash (women) 16 bottles*
Body Wash/Shampoo (men) 13 bottles
Razors (men) 11 packages
Razors (women) 12 packages
Shaving Cream (men) 9 cans
Soap – bars 23*
Hand/Body Lotion/Cream 16*
Deodorant (women) 26 sticks
Deordorant (ment) 27 sticks
Toothbrushes 43 packages
Toothpaste 40 boxes
Dental Floss/Flossies 15
Combs/Brushes 12
Manicure Sets/Nail Files/Clippers 13
Tissues 12 boxes
Anit-bacterial Hand Soap 4 packages*
Diapers for Toddlers 3 packages

Represents varied packaging sizes that can be split up