We sometimes refer to ourselves as MethoBapterians—because during our younger days we worked in church music in Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian Churches. Moreover, we felt at home in each of those churches. Given that experience, we are confident that today there are many churches in the Richmond area in which we could feel at home.

Then why are we members of and contributors to River Road Church, Baptist? First, we prefer a Baptist church, especially an inclusive one, over churches of other denominations—for at least three reasons. We both grew up in and professed our faith in Jesus Christ in a Baptist Church. We also like Baptist polity, whereby each church is independent and, thus, able to decide for itself how best to serve our Lord. Finally, we very much appreciate the historic and continuing commitment of Baptists to religious freedom in our country and elsewhere.

But why River Road and not some other Baptist church in the area? There are many Baptist churches where God is glorified, His truth proclaimed, and persons in need are ministered to, but in our humble opinion, our church does these things exceptionally well. Especially gratifying to us is the support that it gives to Baptist-related organizations committed to protecting religious liberty for all. In short, it serves as a model for other churches.

RRCB does this especially in the area of worship, which is arguably a church’s most important responsibility. When it comes to worship—praise, thanksgiving, offerings, dedication—the Bible teaches that we should offer God nothing less than our best (our “first fruits”), and we members of RRCB have the opportunity to do that on Sunday mornings at worship. The services are carefully and thoughtfully prepared and conducted—leading us to greater faith and commitment.

One of the crucial elements of worship is music—singing and playing instruments as a way of praising God—and it is here that our church excels. Our organ is among the best, our choir is truly outstanding, and the musical selections are awesome (“inspiring awe”).  Bottom line: because above all else RRCB is dedicated to praising, honoring, and glorifying Almighty God, we believe it is a great church that deserves our (and your) financial support.

Written by Phyllis and Ellis West


Growing in Commitment, Rooted in Faith