As you know, some folks make new year “resolutions” at the beginning of another year. I’m guessing that a resolution is weak enough to be soon broken or forgotten, so I’m suggesting a more serious “covenant” with yourself—and one other person—as a sacred intention of working on three issues. My suggestions, if you wish to follow them:

  • Make a personal covenant with yourself, about one specific issue or habit you wish to challenge in the year 2016, and make a promise to yourself—and God—that you will keep working on it, as a plan for self-improvement—or spiritual formation. Is it a prejudgment you need to challenge in your arsenal of assumptions? Is it a good habit you can develop, or improve on? Is it “unfinished business” you can dispose of—which no longer needs to control or haunt you?
  • Make a second covenant with yourself—in regard to a relationship you will work harder to cope with—in a positive way. Under the rubric of “challenging relationships,” there are a few people who “get under our skin,” or affect us adversely—more than they need to…. Work on divesting them of the power to affect your life negatively—or preoccupy you.
  • Make a covenant with a specific ministry or charity—and support it in new ways, or more consistent ways—as an effort to change the world we live in—one problem at a time.

Ask God for guidance on these issues and choices, and make a vow to yourself, and your Maker, that you will make “three differences” in your 2016 life. Brave journey! May God provide.