Thoughtful Faith

What is Thoughtful Faith?

For several years, River Road Church, Baptist has identified itself using the tagline “Thoughtful Faith.” We do so with good reason. We are a thoughtful people, unafraid to approach our faith intellectually, honestly, and authentically—with all our doubts, fears, questions, and misgivings, as well as our joys, trust, belief, and hope. People in every stage of life’s journey find a place to deepen our walk with God and one another.

In Fall 2017, we renamed our educational and spiritual formation activities Thoughtful Faith Community (TFC for short). You can find out more about TFC here. Bringing together River Road’s spirit of learning and openness, this new name embraces our desire to come together and seek to be more faithful with our whole beings—our hearts, our spirits, our bodies, and our minds.

Please come join us as we seek to be a community of faithful learners who choose not to “check our brains at the door,” but instead embrace all that it means to be thoughtful humans seeking the mystery of a loving God together.