My office is currently full of candy, pumpkins, Reformation blocks of wood, worship bags, children’s books, amongst other things. Such is the life of a Minister in charge of Children and Youth fall programming. But this week, I’ve gotten more candy as people who can’t come to Trunk or Treat on Saturday bring in the donations, and others have called volunteering their trunks. Some people have asked, Why? Why so many trunks? Is this really necessary? I would say yes. It is necessary to show our neighborhood and larger community, that they matter and that they are important to us. That they have a safe place for their children here, whether they choose to worship with us on Sunday mornings or not.

And this is church, y’all. Showing up for each other, for our neighborhood, saying we love you. You matter. Whether I have a child involved in this activity or not, this is worth my energy. I got a phone call today and someone said, “You know Kim, because we believe in you and what you’re doing, we are bringing our trunk.” That meant so much to me. To know that people believe in me, in our children, and our volunteers, to show up. Showing up means an awful lot, especially when you aren’t required to.

One of my rules for children and youth ministry has always been that I give the kids and teenagers a person in their life who loves them who isn’t legally required to. So thank you church. Thank you for showing up, for me, for our River Road children, and for the children we’ve yet to meet on Saturday.

This is church, y’all.

Written by Kim Crowley