“I have cupcakes in my office,” is a statement that I share with the staff on almost a monthly basis. Sometimes I bring them in for the “Folding Ladies” (they come in once a month to fold and label the Explorer), and sometimes just because there is an abundance of cupcakes at my house and I need to do something with them. Because of this, I think I am getting a reputation as “The Cupcake Lady.”

My cupcakes have been shared with a minority of the Church, however if you attended the River Road Reads event in August and got a cupcake, then you can consider yourself part of the club too.

Now you’re probably wondering what makes these cupcakes so special. Granted, I don’t have a secret ingredient that will change your life, but I am a young woman making cupcakes (and their frosting) from scratch. That’s right, the only things that come in a “box” are baking ingredients.

My friend, Kirsten, and I have been baking cupcakes for almost a year now, and we have had the opportunity to share them with lots of people and even cater for events. With all of these instances, there is something about cupcakes that captivate people. When we’ve attended craft shows and bazaars, we have discovered that our true demographic is men, children, and men with children. More than likely they are there with a spouse or mom, and they aren’t quite sure why they decided to come, and then they stumble upon the cupcake table – sometimes they are opening the container before their transaction is even complete!

While I enjoy seeing other people indulge in the final product, the pre-production is something special for me. I am such a sucker for working behind the scenes! In Kirsten and I’s partnership, my duties include lining the cupcake pans, mixing batter, and marketing, and her jobs are to figure out ingredients, budget, and frosting (both making and decorating). Once the cupcakes are complete, I am looking at a team effort that is going to make somebody very happy after they take that first bite.