Luke 2: 12-14

During Advent season, people speak of “Peace” when, in fact, there is no peace on this earth . . . no cease-fires, no halt to the threats of terrorism, no end to hatred and crime. As it is written, it’s the Prince of Peace who came to bring us peace with God.

by Taylor

Christ’s birth would have been purposeless if it had not been told to the world. The angel and the shepherds were the first evangelists. The angels broke the darkness of the night, and their humility, with good, joyful news. The good news is that the Prince of Peace, the source of our joy and peace, has come and broken into the fortress of darkness. Lowly shepherds were not shocked at the news of the Lamb of God being born in a sheep’s pen. To them, this message is much more meaningful than to kings who were jealously holding on to what they had in this world. Perhaps we need to let go of the world a bit in order to receive the peace of the Gospel. We can do this by giving. God gave His only Son, and his example of giving everything for us, is a great example for us to follow.

The joy in giving is motivated by love, and the ultimate sign of love is found in God’s love for us. The world needs to hear what the shepherds and angels were telling others. We are the ones to say it in our day – we can’t expect angels to do our job.

Martha Lou Green