Isaiah 12:1-6

Christmas is over. We have transitioned from a frenzy of giving to sending and receiving thank you’s.

by Owen F.
Isaiah 12:3

An expression of thanks can come with differing degrees of enthusiasm. Some people say thank you because they should – not because they want to. You can tell the difference. Then there are thank you’s that are special.

This year my special note came from out of the blue. A friend wrote of her visit to our house, and what a gift it had been. She talked of fond memories of our time together. She won’t forget the visit – I won’t forget her note. It rang true. It was from the heart. And it made me feel good.

Christmas is all about the greatest gift. The birth of Christ was God’s way of delivering salvation to each and every one of us. Have we said thank you? Is our thank you special? Does it make God feel good?

These verses remind us that praising God is the way to communicate our gratitude. Lifting out voices in praise helps God know that we understand and appreciate what he has done for us. It also reminds us that each and every day, we have someone that loves us and cares about us, no matter what is going on in our lives.

Perhaps this coming year we can each add a moment of praise to our daily routine. Have you said thank you to God today?

Susan Rucker