Matthew 2:1-2

by Zachary S.

One of my favorite Christmas books is the Miracle of Christmas by John F. MacArthur, Jr. Every year I go back to the chapter entitled “The People Who Missed Christmas,” where MacArthur writes about all the people of the time and why they missed the miracle of Christ’s birth. According to MacArthur, these include the Innkeeper, Herod, the Religious Leaders, the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Romans, and the people of Nazareth. All missed the Christmas for various reasons, including busyness, fear, indifference, religious ritual, idolatry, and even familiarity.

As we enter the season of Advent I am reminded of this text and it causes me to pause and consider whether I am also missing Christ’s birth. It seems that “preparations” for the season begin earlier each year, with Christmas merchandise appearing in the stores before Halloween. But despite all the build-up and advertising, it seems that we are much like one of the parties identified by MacArthur.

This Advent, it is my prayer that I will spend as much time seeking the Son of God as I will in picking out a Christmas tree or a gift.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for the Miracle of Christmas and the gift of your Son who came in human form to dwell among us. In this most holy season may we not be so busy that we fail to remember the real reason for our preparations. Like the Magi, may we continue always to seek the presence of your Son.

Ken Lantz, Jr.