There has been much written lately about how young adults are not attending church and millennials have better things to do on Sunday mornings than worship. There are instruction manuals and suggestions for how to make your church more welcoming and how to make your church a better fit for young adults, especially recent college or professional school graduates, singles, newlyweds, and young families.

While this is certainly a hot topic, some churches seem to take action and embrace this opportunity for growth and new life while others merely talk about doing something. It is critical to engage this group in church now, while they are young and have young families. They will bring energy and activity to the church, as well as being the future volunteer leadership, the future nursery fillers, and the future givers. Without this group’s engagement, the church will continue to age and continue to shrink.

River Road Church has a tradition of welcoming and supporting young adults, and this has been a key part of the growth of the church over the years. My husband and I are fortunate to be part of the Discovery Class, which was founded over 12 years ago. However, we have come to realize that it is well past time for the creation of a new class for the next generation. Creating this class and actively encouraging its growth is absolutely essential for the continued health and vitality of our church family.

With that in mind, I am happy to announce that on September 18, we will have the inaugural meeting of the brand new Foundations Class. This is a class specifically tailored for those in their 20’s and early 30’s. We will meet during the Sunday School hour, and the class will have a focus on both social interaction and missions. My husband Tim and I will be primarily leading the class.

The Foundations Class will start small, as did all our Sunday School classes in the beginning, but the hope is that it will grow and soon become a vital part of River Road Church.

How can you help? If you know anyone that fits the demographic for this class, please tell them about it and encourage them to check us out. Welcome young visitors and new members you may not have met yet. And of course, pray for our guidance and patience as we begin this journey. This class will only succeed with the support of the entire church.