Lay leaders are critical to the success of RRCB missions’ endeavors. This is especially true of the Partnership with the Medical Foundation in Panama. Judy Collins, Joe Teefey, and Norma Hays have devoted years to developing the partnership in conjunction with Sue and Greg Smith, of Lucha Ministries in Fredericksburg. Their time and energy have built a supporting team from multiple locations in Virginia, who support the Panamanian doctors, nurses, clinicians, nutritionists, and lay health workers to provide medical and dental care, prescriptions and health and nutrition education to indigenous populations. In February, we traveled to two remote regions, regions that are accessible by vehicle, but very remote in services.

Our “clinics” were two, four-room, open air school buildings, with a covered walkway or porch. Those who came to be seen by medical professionals mostly came on foot. Some arrived on horseback and bicycle! They came early, in large numbers, and waited patiently in a heat wave that made even the Panamanians uncomfortable, to receive care that is seldom available to them. The importance of being able to share the love of the Lord with those who serve and those who are being served while providing medical care is one reason this mission trip has become so successful to those who have journeyed to a foreign country.

Daniel Ingram previously wrote of the Construction aspect of this trip.

The medical/dental team members were:
Judy Collins
Joe Teefey
Norma Hays
Christie Lessels
Bonnie Livick
Emily Sumner
Steve Larson
Gray & Ruth Snowden
Laura Lee Chandler

And from other churches:
Diane Duke
Janet Moore
Meador Horne
John Smith

Thank you, RRCB, and the Board of Missions for the funding that allows us to continue this partnership.

Written by Laura Lee Chandler


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