The new Christian year will begin in seven weeks with the start of Advent. Like me, you might be wondering where the year has gone. Once again we will be asked to prepare for the marvelous event of God being made known to us through the birth of the Christ-child. It is a time of great expectation and exceeding joy. Like Easter, it is also a time of preparation. One of the ways a person can prepare is through a profession of faith in Christ and through church membership. To assist with that journey, the church will offer an Inquirers’ class for those wishing to better understand their personal commitment to Christ.

The class will begin on Sunday morning, October 28th at 9:00 am and will meet for four Sundays, concluding on Sunday, November 18. The class will meet in the youth Sunday school area. Dr. Clingenpeel and Rev. Phelps will lead the class. Those desiring to make a profession of faith and to join our church will be introduced on Sunday morning, December 2, and will be baptized at a special service that evening, December 2nd at 6:00pm in the Chapel.

The season of Advent begins the new Christian year and the celebration of “God with us” through the birth of Christ. What a great time for one to begin their journey of faith and discovery!

by Chester Phelps, Interim Minister to Students