Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. In September, the sun begins to rotate in the sky and temperatures begin shifting downward. By October, leaves are bursting into full color and the world begins to look completely different. What a wonderful opportunity to talk with children about God’s amazing creation!

In the early fall as the fields ripen it is a perfect time to share that life has a rhythm. Seeds are planted, fields are watered and cared for and eventually the crops grow to maturity and are ready to be harvested. This can lead to a conversation describing how God supplies both our physical and spiritual food and waits as we grow and mature. As the leaves burst into color we can tell our children that such intentional, rhythmic change is a part of God’s earthly creation. We can explain that change is both a constant and an intentional part of God’s world. We can also discuss how we are all tied to God’s timing. Just as we patiently wait for the crops to grow and ripen, God waits as we grow in our love and understanding for what He has done for us.

As you share these observations with your children I hope you enjoy the beautiful lessons of the fall!

by Ann Ashcraft