Originally published in the January 2013 Explorer.

Almost certainly you would have no reason to notice that River Road Church, Baptist welcomed a new treasurer when the 2012 calendar was replaced by 2013. Our new treasurer will be George Davis, a church member familiar with the job from his decade as our Church Administrator.

George will occupy the role vacated by another George — George “Gus” Sledge. Gus chose to step down as church treasurer, a position he has held for 15 years, at the end of December.

The treasurer’s duties are considerable. He spends several hours each Wednesday at the Church Office, and is always on call along with assistant treasurers, reviewing church and preschool invoices to certify they are accurate and should be paid, signing checks, and checking the church’s financial reports to be satisfied that the financial position of the church is stable. He also serves on the Finance Committee and the Board of Administration by virtue of office.

During his tenure Gus has developed many procedures to ensure the accounting practices of the church and preschool are in order. He has researched financial institutions and established accounts where the church and preschool will achieve the highest level of banking services, security and interest on our accounts. Gus was responsible for getting the church and preschool set up on direct payroll deposit which substantially increased the duties of the treasurer and assistant treasurers.

Did I say that the position of church treasurer is unpaid?

Most of you who serve on committees and perform duties for our church are volunteers. Every task is important to our ministry. But the treasurer carries more responsibility than most, because he is a steward of our River Road Church’s fiscal credibility. For Gus this has been a labor of love. For us it has been a joy and privilege to work with someone who always has a positive attitude and a smile.

Thanks Gus. Well done.