During my college days, I worked summers and holidays in Colonial Williamsburg as an Interpreter at the Powder Magazine and the Jail. The first summer was spent attending classes on Colonial America History in general and Williamsburg in particular. One of the classes required us to wear our uniform while we toured Jamestown Island. The Docent, a seasoned veteran, took us to the church in an attempt to explain the sacrifices made by the first Virginians. She said we should take off our shoes because the place we stood was “holy ground.” I never forgot that image. As we enter the season of Thanksgiving and Advent, we too should never forget or take for credit the sacrifices made by others.

thanksgiving-backgroundWe need to make a list – a “Thanks Giving List” – identifying places, family members, and friends who should receive some thanks for the influence they had on our life.  Perhaps you could visit those places in person during this holiday period. Perhaps it will be a journey in your mind as you recall those individuals and places that altered your life. Your old home place, the church you were reared in, your favorite aunt or uncle, your parents, your favorite school or college teacher, may be a few of the thoughts that come to mind.

So, before you cook the turkey or bake the pumpkin pie, do something old fashioned, take off your shoes, get some note paper or cards and write a note to that someone who was or is important to you. The activity will enrich your holiday and it will make someone very happy – to the point of tears. We have so much to be thankful for at our church.  A new pastor is coming and we are looking forward to renewed optimism and energy as we move forward.  Give thanks and rejoice. “ Happy Thanks Giving.”